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Monday, March 10, 2003  

Do you know who Richard Perle is? If you are a fan of Hillary's VRWC (Vast Right Wing Conspiracy), your theory is incomplete without this conservative think-tanker, unofficial mouthpiece of the Bush Whitehouse and one of the most vocal promoters of waging war on Iraq.

As pointed out by this link from Atrios he calls respected reporter Seymour Hersh a terrorist on Sunday's Wolf Blitzer show. Here is the New Yorker article by Hersh about Perle that likely brought on the emotional reaction, Lunch with the Chairman.

I happen to agree with Perle's take on the Saudis but how could he possibly help his argument by calling Hersh a terrorist? This little tirade has now permanently removed the word "terrorist" from his vocabulary - anytime he tries to use the term, the immediate counter argument becomes "Do you mean a 'terrorist' like Seymour Hersh?" It puts him uncomfortably close on the political spectrum to truly insane Bill of Rights shredding, crack smoking Bible thumpers like Ashcroft.

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