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Saturday, March 08, 2003  

Here is an article that supports xxxxx's point that Bush, no matter how good the original cause, has made such a hash of the Iraq issue that it is foolish to move forward at the expense of international relations. This is the first I have heard of the 'counterfeit' Iraqi nuke documents - it does seem like a lot of the 'evidence' that comes from the intelligence community lacks, well, it lacks intelligence.

Of course, I think the fact that the casting chambers for the Al Samoud rocket motors had been previously thought destroyed by inspectors, but repaired by Iraq, is a "material breach" that should be enough to make the case per 1441. Not sure why this was not publicized better, perhaps Iraq had revealed the missiles in the original documentation provided and were trying to pass them off as non-violations.

Via Atrios, and Calpundit

Update: Instapundit reports Chem/Bio cluster bombs found in Iraq.

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