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Saturday, April 26, 2003  

Blogjunky makes Talking Dog's Blog List and it's rather nice.
Oregon-based bloggers Mark (and Chimera?) tell us the blog is for the political omnivore, and that's not a bad description for a blog that's apparently pro-war, Bush skeptical, and all around amusing. The compact blogroll features lefties, righties, HARD righties (LGF and that OTHER Rottweiler), Oregon bloggers and other (of which TD's blog directory has made the cut). Be careful, this blog might be addictive. TD Designation: Chinook

Evidently he noticed the blog before Lou 'took over' with his great links on tax cuts and other good stuff. . . and, believe it or not, I find myself wishing Jon would post more to balance out the 3 bloodthirsty warmongers on the team. With my mom feeling better now, my blogging is definitely picking up again and this is encouraging.

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Raymond Aron, Forward, The Opium of the Intellectuals

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