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Monday, April 28, 2003  

Good stuff on ME peace from . . . the UK
We cannot use the broom of Oslo to sweep the Muslim world's inability to endure the notion of a Jewish state under the carpet. This is not to say that no single state or person in the Arab world will accept Israel, only that the fulcrum is rejectionist. It is futile to make peace with a few doves who when war comes will, like Jordan or Egypt, sit back on the sidelines and lament that it's none of their doing if their kissing cousins in Syria and Iran are trying to blow Israel up.

Indeed. [Isn't that Instapundit's line?--ed. Sure, but he rips off the whole Kausfiles editor conversation thing so why can't I just use his one word? It's not like I said "Read the whole thing." It's just one word.]

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