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Monday, April 28, 2003  

Jihad Joe?

Photo of Mike Hawash from Koin and one from KGW. Tip to Mike's lawyer - get a shaver to him before trial time and tell him to SMILE.

From the KGW story:

After meeting the five men in Hong Kong on Oct. 24, 2001, Hawash traveled with them to Urumqi and Kashgar in the Xinjaing Province in western China, and to Beijing, with the intention of entering Afghanistan to fight U.S. forces, according to the affidavit. The complaint states that Hawash and the five others stayed at the same hotels in China on at least three occasions. A witness who saw the men at a hotel in Kashgar in western China said they "spoke English well and had the appearance of 'warriors,"' according to the complaint. The witness told investigators he "frequently observed the group sitting, praying, talking, exercising or practicing martial arts," the affidavit said.
. . .
Hawash earned nearly $358,000 in his last full year of work as an Intel employee in 2000, before he became a contractor, according to Internal Revenue Service records. Investigators found that Hawash signed over the title to his house in suburban Hillsboro to his wife, Lisa, and gave her power of attorney to act on his behalf. Hawash also purchased hiking and camping gear before leaving for China, according to the complaint.

It looks bad, dude. I was rooting for you - I still can't imagine anything so top secret about your activities that would warrant keeping you in solitary for weeks with no charges, but . . . it just don't look good. You stop shaving, sign your house over to your wife, buy camping gear, then take a trip to China with a bunch of other guys trying to play Jihad Joe . . . if true, it was either the most misguided mid-life crisis ever, or you really wanted to kill Americans.

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