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Tuesday, May 06, 2003  

1st ID to pull out of Germany
Schroeder has got to be hating this. Bottom line: The EU won't get a free ride while boldly transforming themselves into some sort of 'check' against US hegemony. den Beste has a great post that highlights the glass jaw of European politics - excess complexity and inflated sense of self. The idea that the countries and bureaucrats of the EU will get on the same page long enough to actually do anything more than apply a new coat of paint to old Europe would be difficult to support with a realistic examination of history.

My suggestion for the EU: wage a bloody civil war, pitting brother-against-brother in an orgy of death and destruction that ultimately binds together all the disparate states into a true union, since no other result could remotely justify the terrible loss . That seemed to work for the US and the current loyalty of the states to the federation is rather unique in scope and stability when you consider the size of the country. Interesting stats on American wars help put it into perspective - the deaths in the Civil War are comparable only to WWII, and the Civil War had nearly triple the % death rate of WWII.

Where are the troops going? Where they are appreciated. I would be surprised if South Korea isn't working furiously to keep US troops in Seoul. The Saudis have to be in a panic, wondering how they will maintain their stranglehold on the country's wealth without the big stick of the US military, further complicated by sun of the nascent Iraqi democracy rising in the east, with still more change brewing in Iran.

I have no doubt that Germany and France will accuse the US of "crushing dissent". No - we were headed in this direction prior to 9-11 and it has everything to do with the changing world scene. Besides, that accusation doesn't make any more sense for Germany than it does for the Dixie Chicks, for whom access to the bully pulpit is limited to Liberal voices.

I think the US is more than happy to keep things unilateral for now and get the Weasel 3 thinking hard about how a US pullout from old Europe will impact their socialist paradise, or, in the case of Russia, their standing as the big dog in ex-Soviet states. Putin has to be hating the fact that his little adventure in Chechnya makes his ex-super power look lost and clueless when compared to the performance of the US in Iraq and Afghanistan, made even more humiliating by the likelyhood there will be a huge US garrison in a nearby country, say, for example, Poland.

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