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Wednesday, May 21, 2003  

Added some local political bloggers to the Oregon section:

Alexander Craghead was nice enough to get us on the OregonLive blog list (apparently as some ruse to get his own blog listed without having some electron pusher at the Oregonian accuse him of self promotion) and, unlike the link mania here on Blog Junky, actually has some original thoughts and content. Hey, no one expects a junky to be productive, right?

I have also added Michael Totten, a Portland blogger that is widely published and hits that liberal/libertarian/conservative sweet spot commonly referred to as anti-Idiotarian. I have read his stuff before but didn't realize he was local.

Finally, I have added anti:freeze in the Other section for those of you who have traded the rich and dynamic urban life in Portland for a soul killing existence immersed in suburban banality. You know who you are. Was that 6ft square of grass in the backyard really worth it . . . ? Read anti:freeze so you can at least pretend you are in tune with city life.

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