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Thursday, May 29, 2003  

Dollars per-pupil, ranked by State
Lots of folks have been disparaging Oregon's willingness to fund education. The general thrust is that, since Oregon's total state tax burden is so low, that must translate into lower spending on education. Linked is a pdf I created from this source data from the 1999-2000 Census. If anyone can point me to more recent data, please do.

I highlighted some specific states for reference. Seems that for total revenue dollars per-pupil, Fed, State and Local, Oregon beats the rest of the NW, California and Arkansas. Minnesota comes out on top just by about $400 per-pupil. Again, on spending for instruction per-pupil (both salary and benefits), of those states highlighted, only Minnesota tops Oregon.

Can somebody now explain to me why under funding education in Oregon is so ingrained as a meme that we are a regular feature in Doonesbury cartoons?

If you are going to try to tell me it is because I'm not giving education enough money, as Jon notes, please share the facts.

UPDATE: Found this link that claims that the reason the gap exists between education revenue and quality of education is that funding increases have been 4-to-1 in favor of special education. The numbers in the article favor the argument but I would like to know if this ratio holds in other states since much of the spending, per the article, is driven by federal disability laws. It gives PERS second billing.

PS - Nice job with the Neo-Com spam, Jon. Glad you aren't slacking on your self-indoctrination.

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