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Wednesday, May 21, 2003  

Greenpeace accused of manslaughter by . . . wait for it . . . The Congress of Racial Equality.

"To serve its own ideological agenda, [Greenpeace] wants to keep the Third World permanently mired in Third World poverty, disease and death. So far, it has succeeded," said Niger Innis, national spokesperson for CORE.

Talk about your Big L Liberal Cage Match Smackdown. Seems that some folks can see beyond the GM canard and value human life over political posturing.
Via Instapundit

Followup: Hmm, why would African politicians want to keep their people hungry? The last paragraph gives some insight. Of course, you have to wonder where the US is hiding the devastation to the US breadbasket since Starlink got mixed into the US corn supply 4 years ago and gave 11 people an allergic reaction . . . How dare we presume to inflict allergic reactions on people just to try to save them from the horror of slow starvation. Why not just spray their apples with Alar and doom them to certain death.

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