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Thursday, May 22, 2003  

Here is an earnest attempt to fuel Common Dream Jon into reading from other sources of information. We’ll start with a couple topics that typically would peak his interest anyway, and move on to more relevant things at a later date.

The first one should be an easy mark:
House Votes to Let Defense Sidestep Protection Laws
The House voted yesterday to exempt the Defense Department from two laws designed to protect endangered animals and plants, arguing that the restrictions hamper the military's ability to train U.S. troops and test weapons.

We then move on to an even more enticing title: On June 2nd, one man will decide the fate of media large and small, broadcast and print, in a closed door FCC session
The future formation of American public opinion has fallen into the lap of an ambitious 36-year-old lawyer whose name you never heard. On June 2, after deliberations conducted behind closed doors, he will decide the fate of media large and small, print and broadcast. No other decision made in Washington will more directly affect how you will be informed, persuaded and entertained.

(Be sure to note the side comment regarding said man’s wife’s employer. You couldn’t set Jon up for a good old-fasioned one-paragraph non-puncutated rant any better than this if you PLANNED it!)

Via A Couple Big Media Whores

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