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Saturday, May 10, 2003  

Jose Padia's comrades now have the missing ingredient
Although France clearly had the right formula to prevent the spread of WMD, the Rumsfeld team fumbled the ball before the Powell team could get on the field. Now the sanctions must be kept in place until all the nuclear material can be accounted for. This, of course, makes reconstruction more difficult for the DOS who are struggling with where to put the Baghdad Starbucks Rahul Mahajan makes a good case on strictly legal grounds for keeping the sanctions in place but the real issue should be to contain all the WMD. I feel better knowing the 50gal drum of pesticide is now under US control but I think we need an Orange alert until the 25K liters of Anthrax is ready for election 2004 coverage..
…The Washington Post and CommonDreams but were used as sources

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