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Friday, May 02, 2003  

Lileks on the Simpsons in reference to USA Interactive Chairman Barry Diller's comment that "You can't have a more genuinely pure, liberal program .... than 'The Simpsons.'"

Let's look at its premises: Men are stupid lazy child-choking drunks; married women are docile house-slaves; boys need Ritalin; nuclear power is inherantly unsafe and run by ancient malevolent plutocrats; schools are full of tired, burned-out cynical teachers who couldn't care less about their charges, and whose cafeteria serves up a steady diet of cow hearts and testicles; the police are incompetent buffoons; the mayor is a corrupt bimbo-chasing fool with a note-perfect JFK accent; rural folk are shoeless criminals who interbreed and have huge families; kiddie-show hosts hate children, and the three immigrants in town consist of a janitor, a convenience store owner, and a quack doctor. The only Hispanic guy in town runs around in a bee costume shouting Ay ay ay! and the sole gay character is a helpless gerontophile. The preacher is a disinterested bore; the most devout man in town is an id-diddily-idiot.

This is how liberals view America, Mr. Diller? Seems like one endless slur to me.

Via Instapundit but Lileks is going in the blog roll.

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