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Sunday, May 11, 2003  

NGOs worried about the Iraqi people?
Sadly, no.
"All they do is complain," said a colonel who attends these meetings. "And you know what, I'm getting school supplies here with the help of my church at home quicker than all these NGO guys. A lot of units here are doing the same."

. . .

The issue of moral pollution by contact with U.S. forces sometimes seems to be the NGOs' main focus.

. . .

WHAT they all seem to have in common is opposition to "George Bush's war" - and a desire, conscious or not, to justify that stance retroactively by finding fault with the American regime here.

I think Jon's posts segue nicely into this piece. For the far left it has NEVER been about the people, just the politics. Actually, they sound just like the far left here in the U.S., except for the SUVs . . .

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