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Tuesday, May 27, 2003  

Remember when everyone said that the war would be easy and winning the peace would be harder?

In this one CNN summary:
- Tuesday, 2 US soldiers killed and 9 wounded in a battle at Fallujah (which gets the headline)
- Buried waaaay down in the story, 1 US soldier killed and 3 wounded at the Baghdad airport when someone heaved a satchel charge under their vehicle
- On Monday, 1 US soldier killed and 1 wounded after being ambushed near Haditha

I know that everyone is sick of the war, but if this is going to be a typical couple days in Iraq then it will start to get wider play in the media. It is going to pick up from here on out as the resistance gets organized and will be the real test of US resolve in transforming the Middle East. If we quail now, it would be every bit as bad as getting our ass kicked by the Republican Guard. The question is whether Bush follows through or cuts the whole thing loose because it is campaign time. Some hard choices lie ahead.

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