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Friday, May 23, 2003  

It already takes me 25 minutes to travel just over 4 miles during rush hour. Let's just say that this thing would have made my commute a traffic nightmare. All thanks go to the folks who took it to the streets at the intersection - it probably helped that they had a captive audience.

This victory is made that much sweeter by the addition of a new 18,000-square-foot skateboard facility at Reedville Creek Park on the corner of Southwest Frances Street and Cornelius Pass Road and another new 9-acre park just down Frances street with some very nice wetlands action and lots of hills and grass and a creek to explore. Muchos gracias to the Hillsboro Parks and Recreations folks.

The skate park has to be the best thing to happen to Brown Junior High since they kicked out the 9th graders and called it Brown Middle School. If I'm still under 40, would it be reasonable for me to attempt a Double Kickflip Varial followed by a Fakie Five-Oh? [Are you really that stupid? --ed. No. I'm pretty confident that the mortality rate would be about 90% for anyone in my physical condition just attempting to pull off a simple Ollie.]

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