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Monday, June 30, 2003  

Hilarious comments over at Tacitus on the urge for most of us to connect everything that happens to our particular world view. In this case, Katherine Hepburn:missed::Muslim:evil for the hardcore crowd over at LGF.

Anyway, part way down in the comments I find this gem from Waffle:

More Brain Power Needed for Mandarin Than English - Unlike English speakers, who use one side of their brain to understand the language, scientists at the Wellcome Trust research charity in Britain discovered that both sides of the brain are used to interpret variations in sounds in Mandarin.
Our foreign policy is a mess and now we have to deal with this!

Followed up by this from Moe Lane:

(Spock eyebrow) As a general rule (and to abuse the computer metaphor), requiring more processing memory to run an operating system than one's competitors is usually not considered an optimal result: after all, when Bill Gates does this to us every couple of years, we scream, and it's not for ice cream.

About half my enjoyment in blogging comes from reader comments, often totally unrelated to the topic of the post.

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