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Monday, August 04, 2003  

SF Mayor Willie Brown throws down the Davis recall gauntlet.

"If it works for Republicans, all you've got to do is raise enough money," Brown told ABCNEWS. "I have enough money to have it work for Democrats. And believe me, I think the Democrats will do it."

Brown said he would "enthusiastically" participate in any Democratic retaliatory recall effort should Davis be replaced by a Republican in the Oct. 7 recall election.

"It would be my duty," Brown said. "The state of California in all of its complexities cannot be entrusted to people who are not qualified to do it."

Good thing he knows who is qualified and is willing to put himself into harm's way to protect the ignorant masses. We wouldn't want the foolish voters make those kinds of decisions…anarchy would surely be just around the corner.

via FARK->ABC News

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