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Thursday, September 04, 2003  

ABC, after noting this post by Oregon blogger Iron Monkey, states that leaving off caps is a stylistic choice. I have noted the same trend toward permanently implanted ee cummings style sheets. I think it is following the self deprecating logic that says "If capital letters is considered yelling, no capital letters must be the same as having a calm, quiet, reasonable voice. Hey, I'm calm and reasonable. i'll get rid of caps."

Capital letters add information and nuance. By stripping them out due to some sense of false modesty, you are stripping out additional information. THEN AGAIN, WHAT ABOUT YELLING? SOMETIMES YOU NEED TO YELL, GET IT OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM!!! How do you distinguish between a label and the real thing - the Left vs the left? What about abbreviations like LMFAO or IIRC? "lmfao" tells me that your cat walked across your keyboard, not that you are in danger of losing body parts due to the superlative excellence of my prose.

If you want to throw out information, throw out the small letters and KEEP THE CAPS. My line of work would be impossible without reducing everything slightly technical into an inpenetrable mass of abbreviations for which nobody recalls the origin. I'm OOP as the ME and unable to complete an ECO for a KDK BOM that was due ASAP but has a bad AML, further hindered by a wrongly transcribed OUI in the MAC. Before they hire my replacement, they have to figure out what I actually do - should I make that easier for them?

I AM NOW DEDICATED TO USING UP ALL THE CAPS THAT ABC REFUSES TO USE IN HIS TITLES. By doing so, it will clearly add to the Total Amount of Information (TAI) I am able to pass on, thus further enriching the 2 or 3 people that actually (occasionally) read this blog.

posted by Calvin | 4:49 PM

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