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Tuesday, October 28, 2003  

Mr. Mafioso tells us why today’s male youth are garbage.

”Elders and people in a position of authority deserve respect. Today's youth seem to think that respect is not picking their nose when someone is talking to them.”

It’s worth reading for the quotes if nothing else. The scary part is that I have a hard time disagreeing with most of it, and it is supposed to be satire. I MUST be getting old...

When I was young, I didn't need crutches, a hug from my father, or to have every goddamn, meaningless accomplishment praised by someone in order to feel good about myself.

Nobody wants to get their fingernails dirty. No one wants the unglamorous job...they have unemployment lines from Miami to San Francisco yet job openings in restaurants, farms, factories, and fishing boats go unfilled because no one wants to break a sweat on the job.


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